About Bad Bitch Polish


I'm Britt, the owner, polish mixer, shipper, customer service agent, packager, orderer, and HR department. ;)

I run BBP with my husband Brandon, who does my graphics, names a lot of polishes, and generally keeps me semi sane.

I fell in love with indie polish sometime in 2012 (?) when I ordered my first indie from Aprodite Lacquer (now closed). Until then, I had never had a polish last even 12 hours on my nails without chipping, shrinking, or even simply peeling off completely. I was about to give up on polish forever. And then my indie arrived and it lasted an entire 24 hours. 

Fast forward to October 2013, when BBP officially launched. My goal is to provide high quality polishes with an attitude. Not just any attitude- a capable, glass ceiling breaking, proud to be who you are attitude. Welcome to my corner of the indie polish world!