It's Indie Shop Time!

I really can't believe it's time for another Indie Shop! I'm incredibly excited, and I hope you are, too.

For your shopping list convenience, here's what's going down at the BBP booth on November 5th-

  • A giveaway! I'm giving away a super cute Eiffel tower necklace. Just stop by the booth for a free entry and make a purchase for a second entry. Easy as that! I'll ship the necklace to the winner after the show, no need to be present.
  • Scratch that, two giveaways. Anyone in the room when the show ends will have the opportunity to take home my Eiffel tower table decor!

Now for the polishes! You are welcome to place an order online beforehand and pick it up at the Indie Shop. Use INDIESHOPPICKUP so I know the plan and I'll have your polishes packaged and ready to go when you come by the booth. (If you want something I'm not bringing, this will be a great way to save on shipping costs!)

I will have the following collections with me priced at $11 each:

  • The exclusives, of course! City of Lights is making its debut and you absolutely do not want to miss out on this purple flakie stunner. I also have a very few bottles of May's exclusive, Napa, that I'll have available.  City of Lights will be limited to 2 bottles per ticket holder until noon and from 12 to 3 you can buy as many as you wish. No limits on Napa.

City of Lights, Bad Bitch Polish's November 2016 Indie Shop Exclusive

Napa, May 2016 Indie Shop Exclusive

  • The BBP Turns 3 trio! These holo beauties are going away directly after the Indie Shop. To avoid overpour, I will only be bringing 10 of each of the colors with me. I will take orders to ship later, but if you'd like to be sure of bringing them home that day, please pre order on the site and use code INDIESHOPPICKUP and I'll have them ready for you at the booth. The deadline to pre order for show pickup is October 25th.BBP Turns 3, Bad Bitch Polish's 3rd Anniversary Trio

Next, most of my stock will be priced less than online at $9 each or 2 for $15. Those collections are:

  • Brand new! The BBP Stamps collection is launching November 4th- bring it home first! Six colors formulated and tested specifically for stamping.BBP Stamps, a set of nail polish created for stamping
  • And not even released- the Awkward Family Holiday collection isn't releasing until November 25th but will be available at the show! (If I luck out and get swatches beforehand, I'll add the photos!)
  • The Northern and Southern Hemisphere collections. 12 fall creams perfect for watermarbling and other nail art. 

Northern HemisphereBad Bitch Polish Southern Hemisphere Collection

  • The Never To Be Trusted trio, a nontraditional Halloween trio inspired by one of my favorite movies- Coraline!

Never To Be Trusted trio by Bad Bitch Polish

  • The Liquor Cabinet collection,  a collection of jellies and glitters created to mix, match, and layer for a completely new look every time you open the bottle. 

The Liquor Cabinet Collection by Bad Bitch Polish

And the extras!

  • Mystery bottles! Prototypes, current colors, discontinued colors, oops batches, and more are all wrapped up! $5 each (full size bottles)
  • Mini bottles- a variety of colors from many collections $3 each
  • Cuticle balms- $2-$5 each

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