The Kerning Collection


Waaaay back in March of 2015, a completely different topic in Indie Polish/Talk/Swap/Sale got derailed for a while as a bunch of us went off on fonts we hate- usually because they're so overused! It took me a long time, but 11 months later, here's the collection sparked by that conversation!

The Kerning Collection includes 5 polishes- 4 cremes and a glitter topper. 

Curlz All The Thingz is a sweet frilly pink, just like the font.

Fuck Comic Sans is a deep green creme. Not really any relation to the font, but it's a gorgeous color. ;)

Piss Off, Papyrus- with all that alliteration, it HAD to be purple, yes? Papyrus is a jewel purple creme.

Times' A Tosser is as versatile and classic as Times New Roman- but hopefully a lot more fun!

Wingdings WTF is a crazy black glitter topper. Everything from stars to lightning bolts to classic hexes to rectangles, shreds, circles, and more are packed into this one. 

Launch date: 

February 19th, 8pm Pacific


$9.50 per full sized bottle, $4.50 per mini bottle. $42 for a full size bottle set, $21 for a mini bottle set.

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Random notes:

As with everything going forward, minis will be limited to the initial launch quantity. If you want them tiny, get them quick!

And finally, the photos!

These are just a few of the photos of these polishes- you can see more on the individual store listings, in our Facebook group, or on Instagram!

 Times' A Tosser by Bad Bitch Polish

Curlz All The Thingz by Bad Bitch Polish

Fuck Comic Sans by Bad Bitch Polish

Piss Off, Papyrus by Bad bitch Polish

Wingdings WTF by Bad Bitch Polish

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