The Gin Trio

This summer is focused on cocktails! Even better, your own one of a kind mani cocktails with squishy jellies and super sparkly glitter bombs! Every two weeks, I'll be releasing a trio that includes a jelly and two glitter bombs. Each jelly will be named for a liquor while the glitters will be named for (and inspired by) mixers. All 15 polishes are designed to mix and match in any combination- match Tonic and Vodka! Or Rum and Orange and Strawberry! Go wild!

Release dates:

Gin- 6/10

Vodka 6/24

Whiskey- 7/8

Rum- 7/22

Tequila- 8/5

The first of the 5 trios includes Gin, Tonic, and Mint. You can find reviews by Naked Without Polish, Manicured and Marvelous, Manna's Manis, and Be Happy Buy Polish (coming soon).

And here are the pictures! (I can't post all of them, I have nearly 100 of them... So here are some highlights! You can find other photos on the blog posts linked above, in the Facebook group, on Instagram, and in the listings themselves.)

Mint, Gin Trio

Gin, Gin Trio

Toppers, Gin Trio

Sandwiches, Gin Trio

What's your favorite? 

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