It's Indie Shop Time!

I really can't believe it's time for another Indie Shop! I'm incredibly excited, and I hope you are, too.

For your shopping list convenience, here's what's going down at the BBP booth on November 5th-

  • A giveaway! I'm giving away a super cute Eiffel tower necklace. Just stop by the booth for a free entry and make a purchase for a second entry. Easy as that! I'll ship the necklace to the winner after the show, no need to be present.
  • Scratch that, two giveaways. Anyone in the room when the show ends will have the opportunity to take home my...

The Gin Trio

The Gin Trio

This summer is focused on cocktails! Even better, your own one of a kind mani cocktails with squishy jellies and super sparkly glitter bombs! Every two weeks, I'll be releasing a trio that includes a jelly and two glitter bombs. Each jelly will be named for a liquor while the glitters will be named for (and inspired by) mixers. All 15 polishes are designed to mix and match in any combination- match Tonic and Vodka! Or Rum and Orange and Strawberry! Go wild!

Release dates:

Gin- 6/10

Vodka 6/24

Whiskey- 7/8

Rum- 7/22

Tequila- 8/5

The first of the 5...

The Kerning Collection

The Kerning Collection


Waaaay back in March of 2015, a completely different topic in Indie Polish/Talk/Swap/Sale got derailed for a while as a bunch of us went off on fonts we hate- usually because they're so overused! It took me a long time, but 11 months later, here's the collection sparked by that conversation!

The Kerning Collection includes 5 polishes- 4 cremes and a glitter topper. 

Curlz All The Thingz is a sweet frilly pink, just like the font.

Fuck Comic Sans is a deep green creme. Not really any relation to the font, but it's a gorgeous color. ;)